05/04/2012 (I took the 23:00 train to Athens): 6hrs train + 3hrs plane + 40min public transportation = arrival in Paris.

Was it worth it? No doubt 🙂

06/04/2012: My first officially day in Paris. My friend Tristan offered to let me stay at his flat in Paris. When I arrived his brother Corten greeted me and showed me to my room. I immediatley showered (I traveled all night and day) and got dressed. I headed out to take full advantage of my stay in Paris. I first went to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, which I spent almost 3 hours walking around. I got to see Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison cemetery along with many others. Next I head straight to the Eiffel tower. The Eiffel itself is of a dull color and from a distance seemed fake. It wasn’t until I was underneath the tower itself that I really believed I was there. Paris is a place you grow up learning about, the city of love. It was amazing and so surreal to actually be there. That night I went back to Tristans and hung out with his family. His parents cooked delicious French crepes with champagne. I had a wonderful time.

07/04/2012: I woke up early and went around Paris with Corten. Turns out mom was right, we ended up speaking half English and half Spanish, then a couple French words. It was quite funny. He showed me around through the modern and old Opera. We saw THE shopping places, Arc De Triomphe and so much more. I met his best friend and girlfriend and walked around with them as well.  I met up with GLORIA and her friend Laura and we went out to see Paris at night. I was in awe when I saw Gloria. Here we are, two best friends from GEORGIA and we’re meeting in Paris.

08/04/2012: Happy Easter! My last full day in Paris. I woke up and went to Notre Dame. This is one of my favorite places of Paris I discovered. I sat at a nearby cafe and had coffee, relaxed, and took in the view. It is breathtaking. I met up again with Gloria and Laura and we did more sight seeing/catching up until I had to leave for the train. This is the only sour part of my visit. I get on the metro and everything is good, until  I have to transfer to a different public transportation. Turns out the 2nd train stops at one (I was told 2). So I figure ‘oh well, just take a taxi but let’s get out of the metro’. I use my ticket to get out of the gate and headed to the doors, which of course wouldn’t open. I had to rehop over the ticket counter to get underground again (had to do this 2 other times). The security in the morning will get a kick out of that footage. The metro stop had so many exits but none of them were open. After about fifteen minutes of being captive I found the ONE exit that allowed people to get out. It was horrific. Luckily, I caught a cab pretty quick and paid 20 euros for ride. Then I got to wait at the airport for 4 hours :)) I left on a plane at 5 in the morning and went off to Athens to see mom and dad.

I will be visiting Paris again.

1-04-2012: Sandra, Denise, Ida, and myself head to Chalkidiki. Our first beach time in Greece.The beach was great and we finally got to sun bathe. Hopefully we’ll have more great weather and relaxation on the beach 🙂

These are just some photos from a couple weeks ago. Its Sunday, what shall the group do? Let’s go to the sea and relax. I got to try to the corn cooked on the street and Micky tried to find glue for his juggling balls. What are Micky and Ines looking at?Jesper trying to be part of the street entertainers by juggling…

Made for a wonderful day with the group

Rome was breathtaking. I went with Sandra and spend 3 days total. When we arrived we checked into the hostel and immediately went to have appetizers at a local restaurant. We overheard a girl name Hannah in the hostel talk about a burlesque show, so we decided to tag along. It was a really cool experience and after the show we went dancing. Saturday morning we were out in the wee hours to get our day started. Also, our new friend Sam joined us. He had been traveling for a couple months and Rome was his first stop in Europe. We started at the Vatican, then St.Peters church. St.Peters church was beautiful. Unfortunately, we did not get to the Pope. Next we went to Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, the Arch, and the Colosseum. At this point Sandra and me took a seat and watched the sunset watching the Colosseum and talking. We headed back and decided to go out that night. We had pizza and headed off to the ‘pyramid’ area. We danced the night away. We woke up early and went straight to the Spanish stair case. What made this memorable was the fact that we didn’t know there was a time change. We spend thirty minutes when we found out we had 30 minutes to get back, check out of the hostel, and make the bus to the airport… . we ran around because we could not find the metro… missed our bus… and paid fifty euros to get to the airport in time. We walked into the terminal when we heard ‘Now boarding, Thessaloniki’. It was hilarious at the end of the day. Of course, my camera died half way through the trip though and some of the pictures posted are from Sandra wonderful camera.

Favorite parts of Rome: The Colosseum and Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti (Spanish steps).