and the land of lego here I come : D

Copenhagen, Denmark. Legos, Turborg, Carlsberg, rugbrød, hindbærsnitter and sunshine.


Copenhagen was great! Jesper picked me up from the airport and it had to be the easiest transport (and affordable) into the centre. Just a oneway metro and 36dkk (6usd). Copenhagen’s architecture is similar to stockholm but different (sorry that doesn’t explain much). I had the feeling when I saw the city, that okay..this is Scandinavian, mainly due to the similarities to Stockholm. I haven’t been to Oslo but I imagine something similar.

I got to ride the bike around town, try delicious snacks, have the meal of coffee (similar to the Swedish fikka) and meet great people. I saw the little mermaid  and had a delicious classic danish pølser from a stand outside round tower.

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And to the centre of Sweden I go!

After I saw the lovely Stockholm, I  went to see Sandra in Sveg. The village has about 2,000-2,500 inhabitants. The train took 6 hours but the scenery along the way was breathtaking. She picked me up from the bus stop with Ida too which was a great surprise!  We went hiking, tried new foods and simply saw the town. I am sad that it is over, means I am closer to going home to the States…. and I am just not ready yet.575833_3494718813436_1134220883_n 564013_3494724173570_421690233_n 529574_3494721933514_2029389987_n  428887_3494721453502_2096201800_n 389003_3494716253372_1334553909_n 483257_3494722253522_1934222128_n319308_3494715133344_2100097825_n 283720_3494715573355_1166026279_n

Hej Hej!! Stockholm

I left Frankfurt (via Ryanair) and landed in Stockholm. I had my first experience with trouble/ luck with Ryanair. As you know, I’m traveling with a Vera Bradely (carry-on size) these weeks. For the first time my carry-on was actually weighed and yes it was overweight…by 5 kilos. The employee then told me about the surcharges unless I was able to meet the 8kilo maximum weight.  Thus, the I started to layer clothes like I have never done before. The good news? I was able to pack on 5 kilos of clothing (jeans, shorts, and a dress with gym shoes and 2 shirts).

Anyways, I landed in Stockholm and took the bus from the airport to the centre. I had a few hours to explore before I met with Malin (a friend of Sandra’s I met in Greece and it letting my stay with her while in Stockholm. The central station at Stockholm is great, for a fair price I was able to leave my bag in a locker and explore. The first thing I decided was to rent a bike. I find that when I can, being outside beats any metro/bus in a new city. I would of walked around but Stockholm is huge and felt it was better to hop on a bike.

The city was beautiful and I know I will go back. There is something about islands making up an entire city. Malin took me to have lunch on a hill overlooking the entire city one day. We also went to Skansen and saw Lorraine (eurovision winner) live! Additionally, Malin lives right next to the water. The water in Sweden is so clean that you can go in any water throughout the city (very different from Thessaloniki’s water). One of the mornings I made sure to take a morning swim.

Overall, I must say I love Stockholm. There is something about the city, the nature and the feeling. One of the cities I would definitely take a job if the opportunity arised. Next stop? Sveg.


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Goodbye Greece, hello Europe :)

My time in Thessaloniki has come to an end. I decided to postpone my flight (again) to the States and instead travel for a month. The itinerary is Thessaloniki -> Frankfurt -> Heidelburg ->Stockholm -> Sveg -> Copenhagen -> USA. My good friend Kilian’s cousin is letting me leave my big duffle in her basement while I’ll travel. That way all I have is my Vera Bradely.


I landed in Frankfurt and had already rented a room in Five Elements hostel in heart of  the redlight district. Although initially skeptical when I read about the location, I decided to trust the com

ments left by fellow travelers  who said it was a great hostel and the location didn’t make a difference. First upon arrival I had to get to Kilians cousins who lived a bit from the centre of Frankfurt. My friend had already given me directions there but I couldn’t read his handwriting well and the place he said to go wasn’t an option on the machine… So I started to inquire from staff and they weren’t much help. After a few employees a really nice man running what looked like a mini casino new the place and told me what to buy the ticket for. The reason I wanted to make sure I purchased the right ticket is mainly from my last experience in Germany, the nation came across as very strict and non lenient, even if you are a traveler. Anywho, I made it to his cousins place fine and heading back on the train to the centre.

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I enjoyed Frankfurt. It is said not to be a tourist town, and its not, but that doesn’t make it any less of a city to see. The main reason I chose to spend time in Frankfurt is because I have flown into the airport the most, yet have never seen the city. Plus it’s a great hub to get to Stockholm. I rented a bike from the hostel and went around exploring, of course getting a pretzel, brat and currywurst. The hostel had a great common area and upon sitting down, I made a few friends. Two aussies who were traveling for 6 months, 2 english who were on a 3 week eurotrain trip, a belgium and american who were there for one night on business. I went on the pub crawl organised by the hostel and that was great fun too. There I made friends with some more aussies and a guy from new zealand. One of the best nights was when I joined the 2 english girls, 3 boys from liverpool, an aussie and the new zealander to some sketchy techno club. The new zealander, 2 english girls and I ended up staying out until 6 in the morning and went to the bridge to see the sunrise. It was breathtaking. It was a moment I wont forget. Sitting watching the sunrise and surrounded my strangers yet completely comfortable. Laughing at the experience and then spotting what looked like a couple making out while a friend waiting. Then having the friend approach us and start telling us his story.

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Frankfurt was great. I would highly recommend going there but although its tall buildings and banks, Frankfurt is underrated.