Itinerary: a winter weekend in Copenhagen

A winter weekend itinerary for Copenhagen, Denmark.

1. Bike in Copenhagen: This is a means for transportation for the Danes. And if you want to see Copenhagen, it’s the best way. I suggest going to a local bike shop or rent the citybikes. They’re 25DKK (4.10USD or 3.30EUR) per hour and they all have a GPS.

2. Christmas Treats: Make sure to drink Tuborg jul øl (the classic Danish Christmas beer). It’s blue with snowflakes, you will see it everywhere. Also, go to a cafe and have gløgg and æbleskiver. Gløgg is the Danish mulled wine. What separates Danish mulled wine is the added raisins and shaved almonds. I would describe Æbleskiver as a tasty pancake balls that are served with strawberry (or raspberry) jam and powder sugar.

3. Play dice: Copenhagen is full of bodegas. If you find yourself strolling around in bad weather (or in good weather), head to a bodega. Buy a pint and play some dice. Danes love to place dice. You can ask something neighbour and they’ll be sure to teach you. Two popular games are Mia and Liar.

4. Have a craft beer: I recommend going to either/or/both Nørrebro Bryhus and Mikkeler. Mikkeler is probably the more well-known, but nørrebro bryhus is located on a back street and super cozy.

5. Food: In the past couple years, Papirøen opened up. It’s basically food trucks and located on the water near Christianhavn. It’s a really nice way to stay warm but be surrounded by tasty aromas and people.

5-8 December 2014
In December I got the chance to go to Vienna, Austria. I went to Michi and Sandra (two close friends from my study abroad in Thessaloniki). Then there was a surprise visit from another friend from Thessaloniki, Marie. The city was beautiful, filled with Christmas markets and lights. It was great to see all of them, can not wait until next time.