The Canadian in Copenhagen

Traveling to Copenhagen for a weekend

My friend Kate came to visit me in Copenhagen the past weekend (two full days). After thinking about to do in Copenhagen for a weekend, here is what I came up with. From one foreigner to another, here is what you can do in Copenhagen for a weekend.

imageFirst, we needed a bike, a necessity for getting around Copenhagen. We thought about bike shops (which are a bit cheaper) but we went with convenience. Kate said the city bikes were great. They are a bit heavier then a normal bike so it makes it very easy to ride and it has a small motor/help mechanism. The only downside is, the spots to drop off aren’t everywhere like in London. Nonetheless, they are good. 

imageSecond, I made sure to let her have Tuborg jul øl (classic Christmas beer),   gløgg and æbleskiver. 

imageThird, we went to a bodega and played dice  (loser buying rounds of Gajol, a liquorice shot, or beer)


Fourth, Nørrebro Bryhus for some local craft beer. Mikkeler is also a good choice.

Fifth, we had a day in Christianhavn. Starting in Christiana, showed her the wicked shaped houses and told her about their history. Then took a trip to Papirøen for some great food.


In addition to the above mention items, when traveling to Copenhagen its of course necessary to the Little Mermaid, the Palace, and Nyhavn. Also, I made sure she had licorice (chocolate, alcohol, and candy), a pølser, and  hindbærsnitter.

What to see in Copenhagen, from one foreigner to another.

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Life is good. I'm a 26 year-old who loves to travel, explore, and learn new things. This a tale of my adventures from home and abroad. I hope you enjoy!

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