9-04-2012: I leave Paris and head to Athens. I arrive off the plane and find my mom (to my surprise, we were to meet at the hotel) waiting for me 🙂 It was a great surprise and nice to see my mom straight out of baggage claim. From there, my mom, dad, and myself headed to Athens. We saw all the historical sights along with the museums. Athens was great, but Thessaloniki is better 🙂
12-04-2012: We went on a three island day cruise. Our first island was Yδρα (Hydra). We walked along the port and relaxed, the water was crystal blue. The next island was Πόρος (Poros). And the third island was  Αίγινα (Aegina). This one was specifically known for pistachios, which were delicious.
13-04-2012: We took a bus to Delphi. This is known for the location of the Oracle. The ruins can date back to 4000 BC. It was breathtaking. We saw Apollos temple, the stadium were the ‘games’ were held.

14-04-2012: We took the 12:30 train to Thessaloniki. My parents got to celebrate the Greek Easter. Although it’s a great festive time, it also means that everything is closed(not only Sunday, but Monday as well). Tuesday was our last day together. We had lunch at Marias and then walked around town and enjoyed the few hours together before they left for their flight.

My Easter holiday was great. I got to go to Paris with Gloria then head to Athens,Delphi, the islands, and Thessaloniki with my parents.