The Canadian in Copenhagen

Traveling to Copenhagen for a weekend

My friend Kate came to visit me in Copenhagen the past weekend (two full days). After thinking about to do in Copenhagen for a weekend, here is what I came up with. From one foreigner to another, here is what you can do in Copenhagen for a weekend. Continue reading The Canadian in Copenhagen

An adventure to Nørrebro

Copenhagen may be a smaller capital city than others, but what’s special is how distinct each borough is. Thus, I embarked on adventure this Saturday to Nørrebro. This borough is known for the concentration of immigrants. I really enjoyed spending the day going through the streets.

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Human Rights Exhibition



After work I met with Coco to go to the ‘New World Image’ exhibition at the Black Diamond. The exhibition was a re-display of the original UNESCO human rights exhibit from the mid 1900’s. The original exhibit was created to help people understand what the UN Declaration of Human Rights in 1958 meant. The ‘New World Image’ also included a part devoted to human rights in Denmark.  The exhibit has raised more than $4000 usd and will traveling around the world.

Nørre Bryhus

Last night I went with a friend to grab a beer. We ended up biking to Nørrebro and selected a place named Nørrebro Bryghus. Directly translated Nørrebro Bryghus means Nørrebro brewery. Started in 2003 and now has become a restaurant too.  I would describe the atmosphere as what Danes call hyggelig (closest English translation is cozy)and welcoming. After talking to the bartender we decided to order two samplers. A sampler consist of four 10 cl beers for 70dkk. We ordered two so that we could taste 8 different beers on tap. Marlene had the great idea to write down our initial reactions and here they are.



Also known as ‘Paper Island’. Originally this is where the press held their print copies (hence paper island) but now its turned into street food. Inside the building is a bunch of booths serving a variety of different foods at a fair price. Coco had the great idea to go there after work on friday for food and a coffee. A great way to spend a Friday.

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Name day for Asta


Today I experienced my first Danish name day. Jesper’s uni friend Bunk also known as Focus, recently had a lovely baby girl, Asta. Thus, we all gathered in the garden this past Saturday to celebrate. One of the guys had the great idea to all pull all our money together and give Asta a kick start on her savings account. It was a great day surrounded by new friends.