Day 3-We decide to rent a car and head to Αγiα Νάπα. Promptly upon arrival, we hop onto the Yellow Submarine boat and go sailing. We snorkel, swim through the caves, and jump off the second floor of the boat for an hour and half. Afterwards we hang out on the beach with clear water and perfect weather.

Day 4- We decide to travel to the bay and go to Polis. At the marina there is not much to do, but we enjoy a pleasant lunch by the boats. Afterwards we go to the city of Polis and relax for a bit. At 21:00 we have dinner reservations at a nearby taverna and go to experience the Cyprus ‘meze’. Meze is a many different small local meals (similar to tapas) that keep coming until the customers say stop. The food was unbelievable.

Day 5– It’s the boys last day. We go on a BUGGIE SAFARI. It was so much fun, I have never done this before and it was quite an experience. We got to go off-roading and get off at one point to go swimming. That said, the water was freezing but it’s always fun to jump off things. We relax at the pool until the guys leave for their flight. Denise and I meet up with some of the other friends that are staying in Cyprus for a little before we head off to bed.

Day 6- Denise and I head to Coral Bay to relax and soak in the sun. It’s the last day and we made the best of it.

Cyprus was an amazing trip. Although it was weird that there seemed to be more British accents than Greek ones, the trip was perfect.

Paphos, Cyprus: Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1960’s the Republic of Cyprus earned its independence from the UK (explains why they drive on the left side).In 1974, there was a clash between Greece and Turkey and the country was divided into two Cypriot groups, Greek and Turkish. If one person traveled to the other side and got a stamp, they would be unable to cross back over the border. However, about four years ago the tension ceased and friends of Greek and Turkish Cypriots were finally able to see each other again after 30+ years. Now travelers can explore all of Cyprus and not worry about tensions.
Day 1– Board the plane with Marie, Denise, Diana, Jesper, Fabian, and Kilian. We arrive off the plane to see that Lisa (the realtor) is there to pick us up. We part ways with Marie, Diana, Fabian (they decided to sleep on the beaches and travel in the car all over Cyprus). We drop our things off at the place, and head straight to the beach. Although the water was very rocky, it was a beautiful site. We hang out at the beach all afternoon, we even saw a merman laying on the beach. We decide to go to the only market we can find and get some food. What is the ending result? 2kilos of nuggets, rice, and hot sauce.

Day 2– We decide to start off with some site seeing. We head to the Tombs of the Kings. If you ever go to Paphos remember this, there are no kings, it says that it was the tombs of the wealthy. I just thought it was false advertisement. Next we head down a stroll along the sea for about 30 minutes. We enjoy apples on our way until we hit the harbor. Here, is the ‘castle’ which at the top had a nice view of the pier. We stopped here for lunch and relaxed. Afterwards we headed to GO-KARTS. It was so much fun. Jesper won, Kilian in 2nd, I got 3rd place, and Denise in last place. We played some mini-golf, and then headed home. At 21:00 we had reservations at a seafood restaurant nearby that was recommended. We had sushi and an assortment of different types of seafood. The food was delicious.