05/04/2012 (I took the 23:00 train to Athens): 6hrs train + 3hrs plane + 40min public transportation = arrival in Paris.

Was it worth it? No doubt ūüôā

06/04/2012: My first officially day in Paris. My friend Tristan offered to let me stay at his flat in Paris. When I arrived his brother Corten greeted me and showed me to my room. I immediatley showered (I traveled all night and day) and got dressed. I headed out to take full advantage of my stay in Paris. I first went to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, which I spent almost 3 hours walking around. I got to see Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison cemetery along with many others. Next I head straight to the Eiffel tower. The Eiffel itself is of a dull color and from a distance seemed fake. It wasn’t until I was underneath the tower itself that I really believed I was there. Paris is a place you grow up learning about, the city of love. It was amazing and so surreal to actually be there. That night I went back to Tristans and hung out with his family. His parents cooked delicious French crepes with champagne. I had a wonderful time.

07/04/2012: I woke up early and went around Paris with Corten. Turns out mom was right, we ended up speaking half English and half Spanish, then a couple French words. It was quite funny. He showed me around through the modern and old Opera. We saw THE shopping places, Arc De Triomphe and so much more. I met his best friend and girlfriend and walked around with them as well.  I met up with GLORIA and her friend Laura and we went out to see Paris at night. I was in awe when I saw Gloria. Here we are, two best friends from GEORGIA and we’re meeting in Paris.

08/04/2012: Happy Easter! My last full day in Paris. I woke up and went to Notre Dame. This is one of my favorite places of Paris I discovered. I sat at a nearby cafe and had coffee, relaxed, and took in the view. It is breathtaking. I met up again with Gloria and Laura and we did more sight seeing/catching up until I had to leave for the train. This is the only sour part of my visit. I get on the metro and everything is good, until ¬†I have to transfer to a different public transportation. Turns out the 2nd train stops at one (I was told 2).¬†So I figure ‚Äėoh well, just take a taxi but let‚Äôs get out of the metro‚Äô. I¬†use¬†my ticket to get out of the gate and headed to the¬†doors, which of course¬†wouldn‚Äôt¬†open. I had to rehop over the ticket counter to get underground again (had to¬†do this 2 other times). The security in the morning will get a kick out of that footage. The metro¬†stop had so many exits but none of them were open. After about fifteen minutes of being captive I found the ONE exit that¬†allowed¬†people to get out. It was horrific.¬†Luckily, I caught a cab pretty quick and paid 20 euros for ride.¬†Then I got to wait at the airport for 4 hours :)) I left on a plane¬†at 5 in the morning and went off to Athens to see mom and dad.

I will be visiting Paris again.