And to the centre of Sweden I go!

After I saw the lovely Stockholm, I  went to see Sandra in Sveg. The village has about 2,000-2,500 inhabitants. The train took 6 hours but the scenery along the way was breathtaking. She picked me up from the bus stop with Ida too which was a great surprise!  We went hiking, tried new foods and simply saw the town. I am sad that it is over, means I am closer to going home to the States…. and I am just not ready yet.575833_3494718813436_1134220883_n 564013_3494724173570_421690233_n 529574_3494721933514_2029389987_n  428887_3494721453502_2096201800_n 389003_3494716253372_1334553909_n 483257_3494722253522_1934222128_n319308_3494715133344_2100097825_n 283720_3494715573355_1166026279_n