Its less than a month in Thessaloniki. My time is dwindling. Although I love everyone back home, I am still not home sick yet. I can not believe that I will have been gone for 5 months.

That said, today is Maries birthday!! So we are going to celebrate it on the beach and spend the night. There will be about 20 of us or so. Its going to be great.

Then Monday exams start ūüė¶ In any setting exams are never my favorite, but at least I’m in Greece haha.

On Sundays everything is closed, so we went to White Tower. I met Caroline, Kilian, and Jesper there.  We relaxed in the sun and then went on the PIRATE BOAT. During the warm seasons the are three boats that come out in Thessaloniki. There is the reggae boat, pirate ship, and the viking boat. You can grab a coffee or a drink and the boat will go to sea for thirty minutes. There is a great panoramic view of the city from the water. Afterwards Kilian spotted a beercycle. It was my first time seeing one, but  they have them in Mainz. It was the first day EVER in Greece that the beercycle made an appearance. We all hopped on and rode the beercycle while bypassers gawked at us. It was a fun experience. Afterwards we relaxed before Caroline, Kilian, Jesper, Petros, and myself went to dinner. Another perfect day in Thessaloniki.

Today we went bike riding! I was able to find a place in Thessaloniki (which is very difficult to find, no one is on the internet) to rent bikes. Dream Bikes off a street in Navarinou. The day started with going up the White Tower (my first time). Then we went to visit the Roman Forum (Jespers first time). On our way out of Thessaloniki, Ben and Jerrys was giving away free icecream for promotion. We decided to follow the coast west. We biked through Kalamaria and ended at Ikea. We sat by the water and ended up having lunch and a frappe at Marias. Afterwards we stopped in Kalamaria and just enjoyed the seaside. Once back in Thessaloniki (around 8), we went to the water then to a taverna. Bike day was great. It felt so good to get away from the concrete of the city and actually hear the birds chirping.

99% of trafficked victims are not rescued.

A few months back I discovered the A21 organization in Thessaloniki, Greece. The organization has locations in Greece, Ukraine, United States, Bulgaria, and Australia. 

“Greece is known as ‘the center of trafficking in Europe.7 A primary destination and transit country for human trafficking, Greece is the primary gateway for trafficked victims to enter the European Union, host to 90% of all EU illegal immigration8. Trafficked victims are moved frequently, both internally and across borders, to evade detection. Human trafficking is a hidden crime here, with most citizens unaware of the gross human rights abuses occurring in their own city. Approximately 20,000 women, including 1 000 girls between the ages of 13-15, remain in the Greek sex industry9. According to The Trafficking in Persons Report, these victims are primarily from Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Nigeria.”

 On June 1st A21 hosted an event in Aristotle square.

This past weekend was a birthday weekend. We celebrated Jespers 24th birthday. The day started out with a group of us taking him on an adventure around Thessaloniki. He had to complete task in order to get a prize. Of course all the tasks were entertaining for us. They ranged from painting his left hand, directing traffic, finding a girl named stella, trying a dress on in a store, and so much more. Then about 20 or so of us headed to taverna for even more fun.

Birthdays in Thessaloniki are one of kind. It made me remember how even at the beginnning of our stay and it was Mikal and Lucas’ birthday. Even though we had known each other for less than a couple weeks, we had a party and celebrated like we were old friends.

That will be missed.

Cinco De Mayo was brought to THESSALONIKI ūüôā Since I didn’t get to celebrate St.Patricks day, I figured I should definitely celebrate Cinco De Mayo. I had help from Sandra and Denise to cook the food. We had chicken and steak fajitas, spanish rice, vegetables, and beans. We had a couple buckets of of sangria. The night was a blast.

Then we had a beach day! Kilian had his two close friends from Germany in town (Tomas and Fabian). We went to a nearby beach for the day to soak up some sun. The day included some football on the beach and monkey in the middle in the water. Unfortunately, monkey in the middle is not my game and spent most of the time  without the ball.  I swear I swallowed a gallon of salt water. It was especially unfair considering the guys are a foot taller than I am.

ūüôā I’m half way through my trip

These are just some photos from a couple weeks ago. Its Sunday, what shall the group do? Let’s go to the sea and relax. I got to try to the corn cooked on the street and Micky tried to find glue for his juggling balls. What are Micky and Ines looking at?Jesper trying to be part of the street entertainers¬†by juggling…

Made for a wonderful day with the group