20th visited country: Traveling to Iceland

I just got back from visiting my 20th country and I am sotravel iceland happy to have it be Iceland. During my trip to Iceland, I spent 3 days in Reykjavik and road trippedfor 2 days. The five days went by fast, and I could have easily spent an additional 2 to 3 weeks traveling Iceland. Here’s the details.

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Human Rights Exhibition



After work I met with Coco to go to the ‘New World Image’ exhibition at the Black Diamond. The exhibition was a re-display of the original UNESCO human rights exhibit from the mid 1900’s. The original exhibit was created to help people understand what the UN Declaration of Human Rights in 1958 meant. The ‘New World Image’ also included a part devoted to human rights in Denmark.  The exhibit has raised more than $4000 usd and will traveling around the world.