Vienna: Mixing work with pleasure

I got the chance to accompany my supervisor to Vienna for a two day workshop in relation to the FRAME project. The two days were great and I learned so much.

The best part was staying for another two full days and seeing my old friend Micha. People say don’t mix work and pleasure but in this case, it was great.

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An adventure to Nørrebro

Copenhagen may be a smaller capital city than others, but what’s special is how distinct each borough is. Thus, I embarked on adventure this Saturday to Nørrebro. This borough is known for the concentration of immigrants. I really enjoyed spending the day going through the streets.

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Thank you Delta

Well I got a call from mom saying that the flights are full and it doesn’t look like I’ll get out within the next week. After convening with Jesper, we decided to extend my trip for another week. That said,  I met the parents for the first time. It seems to me from the Swedes and the Dane I know that a ‘summer cottage’ is a common thing to have and go to in the summer. And I was going to Jespers. I was a bit nervous, okay really nervous about this. 1. I’m crashing a family weekend, 2. I’m a foreigner who doesn’t speak English, 3. they probably think Americans are crazy, and 4. I’ve only been dating Jesper for a few months…way too early to be meeting the family.

That said, everything was in motion and I found myself on a bus heading to Skive. Jesper is from Jutland, which is the larger part of Denmark. Skive via bus/ferry is about 5 hours from Copenhagen. The trip itself wasn’t too bad and his parents were so sweet. The area around the summer house resembled a post card.


I am unsure how else to explain it. Rolling hills and windmills everywhere. The experience was something like how I went to Sveg, refreshing. In both countries I saw their capital, but nothing compares to the outskirt/local towns that you can experience specifically when you know a native. I really enjoyed seeing where Jesper was from. His town is about 30,000, about the size of where I grew up. But his city was much closer together and not as spread out as my hometown.

I even got to see a renaissance festival in an actual medieval castle. I got to pick potatoes for my first time.  Jesper showed me his artwork that got published as a child. I experienced the west coast (which was very cold, much like all water it seems about south Europe).

Denmark, now that was an experience.

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Hej Hej!! Stockholm

I left Frankfurt (via Ryanair) and landed in Stockholm. I had my first experience with trouble/ luck with Ryanair. As you know, I’m traveling with a Vera Bradely (carry-on size) these weeks. For the first time my carry-on was actually weighed and yes it was overweight…by 5 kilos. The employee then told me about the surcharges unless I was able to meet the 8kilo maximum weight.  Thus, the I started to layer clothes like I have never done before. The good news? I was able to pack on 5 kilos of clothing (jeans, shorts, and a dress with gym shoes and 2 shirts).

Anyways, I landed in Stockholm and took the bus from the airport to the centre. I had a few hours to explore before I met with Malin (a friend of Sandra’s I met in Greece and it letting my stay with her while in Stockholm. The central station at Stockholm is great, for a fair price I was able to leave my bag in a locker and explore. The first thing I decided was to rent a bike. I find that when I can, being outside beats any metro/bus in a new city. I would of walked around but Stockholm is huge and felt it was better to hop on a bike.

The city was beautiful and I know I will go back. There is something about islands making up an entire city. Malin took me to have lunch on a hill overlooking the entire city one day. We also went to Skansen and saw Lorraine (eurovision winner) live! Additionally, Malin lives right next to the water. The water in Sweden is so clean that you can go in any water throughout the city (very different from Thessaloniki’s water). One of the mornings I made sure to take a morning swim.

Overall, I must say I love Stockholm. There is something about the city, the nature and the feeling. One of the cities I would definitely take a job if the opportunity arised. Next stop? Sveg.


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